Pilgrim Stick








Year 1999 was the beginning of a new artistic career for Roch Lefebvre, a self-educated artist who chose as a personal assignment to proclaim the letters of nobility of the common well known wood stick or staff—this object that has been supporting the human race physically and psychologically for centuries since the beginning of times.

From his Mount-Adstock Qc workshop, the registered creations travel around the world under the trade name ¨LE BATON PELERIN /PILGRIM WALKING STICK¨ (copyright)

Entirely handcrafted, using the original natural shapes of a growing  shrub of maple tree, the skills of carving and wood burning contribute in reaching the soul present in every piece produced.

This personalized and unique product is often left to future generations, whether they be familial, friendly, religious, corporative or governmental.

This artwork  is very often offered on special occasions such as : anniversaries--promotions—special journeys---retirements---new challenges—personal gifts---symbols(moral support or else)-- honorary awards—legation of power—incentive tools—trips—gala events—lecture prizes—departures—welcomes etc…etc.

The Pilgrim Stick/ Le Baton Pelerin can be designed to suit your own needs or those of a loved one.